Audio-Visual Publishing

Creating, producing and distributing contents to publish over the IP Network for effectively convey a message, tell a story, or share information using combination of sound, visuals and texts.

Faster Response Time​

Drag-and-drop interfaces for easily incorporate widgets, apps, and dynamic elements like news feeds, videos

CMS Publishing *

Background server management software, set parameters, make playlist and split screen files. Download video resources in real time, auto play when download completed

Split Screen Play

Support two videos, picture, caption display on one screen, free to split the display area.

Scroll Caption

Display product information in the form of text when playing video ads.

Remote Management

Upload, schedule, deploy and monitor digital content over the cloud

Auto Play

Auto play and loop play after power on, videos switching within zero second, without black screen

LED Commercial Display

Provides professional visualization solutions for both Indoor and Outdoor Environment covering broadcasting, transportation, education, utility, military, government, retailing, etc. industries.