Smart Education

SMART Classroom Solution

SMART Board (Interactive Flat Panel) is a valuable addition to Smart Classrooms for enabling dynamic teaching and learning experiences. It provides large touchscreen that can display educational content, interactive applications, and multimedia resources. With features like touchscreen interactivity, digital whiteboarding, and the ability to connect to the internet, these panels enhance engagement and collaboration among students and teachers. It can also integrate with other classroom technologies for making lessons more engaging, interactive, and effective.

Hybrid Classroom Solution

Offering online video classes allows institutions to greatly expand their reach and attract students from all over the world. Auto tracking cameras change the game by allowing the teacher freedom to move around the Class Room to help students and content into play, all while being automatically tracked.  Omnidirectional microphone picks up sounds from every directions and transmits noise free sound to the remote participants.

Paperless Training Solution

Trainees can directly interact with their teacher via audio and  writing using Digitizer Pen or Finger facilitating seated operations. They can annotate directly on E-book files, take notes, answer test questionnaires, draw, sketch, and design directly on the screen without printing a single page of the lecture material.